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Daniel Anderson is an artist whose paintings, mixed media sculptures and now installations possess high degrees of difficulty and craftsmanship. His work is collected across the globe.

Anderson’s visions spread across numerous media, and he considers himself, above all else, an ‘idea person’. Such can be seen in his extraordinary and wholly original methods such as signature ‘sculpted canvas’ and ‘chromed sculpted canvas’. The artist’s gift to solve highly complex executions is an ongoing process of work, determination, and resourcefulness dependent on a team of elite fabricators.

This high-concept thinking combined with visionary artistry are the driving force behind his installation launch, the DAVID SERIES. All installations will be part of his ‘Epoch Visions’body of work, and will be sought after, original expressions that reflect the techno-hyper world we are in today, with a nod to the artistic past of how we arrived here.

All of Anderson’s installations will tell stories through visual interplays, and reflect on aspects of society that are bi-products of inexorable technological evolution. Anderson feels very strongly for world poverty and other social issues, with his work asking and urging that society step back and re-examine the direction of the human footprint in the realms of overconsumption, materialism, and the inevitable and unpredictable wave of technology that is poised to forever define our species.

Anderson’s vision for his signature 'sculpted canvas' method encompasses sculpturally complex forms that are simplified when completed. Intended is the “viewer as witness” to this energetic transition - an entrancing, interactive and sensational experience that can often be as calming as it is arresting and is muted as it is animated in its tactical reality. As an overall expression, they are quite minimalist, but up close, each subdivision is a compilation of complexly crafted forms…similar to that of an ocean, in which many small ‘water diamonds’ make up [what one sees as] one giant wave [of movement].
The artist’s affinity for mixed media ultimately establishes abstract, dynamic forms as they relate to color and chiaroscuro in an individualized narrative unique to each viewer.
With many years of installations already connected and the team of craftsmen to execute them, Anderson prepares to go quickly from an emerging artist to a journeyed artist of significant gravitas.

He currently lives and works in Montclair, NJ




“Its more than the idea. That has to be there and has to be great. What I look for is the level of detail and passion in the work and the evocation. Daniel has shown dedication to these qualities at a very early age for an artist and I am grateful to witness him develop his work. His passion as an artist makes me passionate as a collector.”

                                                - MAHINDER TAK, world renown collector, NYC/D.C./Miami


"An artist to watch."

- USA Today ARTnews


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