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2011    ABC Australia Radio Interview with Daniel Anderson

2011    Deniliquin Times - Artist Takes Bluey Back to New York - Hannah Nichols

2010    Black Tie Magazine - Preview of Daniel Anderson’s Washington DC Exhibition

2010    Sande Shurin Radio Interview with Daniel Anderson

2009    Tria Gallery presents “Malescapes” Contemporary Male Landscapes and Mindscapes

2009    USA Today - Tria Gallery Presents “Malescapes”

2009    Art Knowledge News - “Malescapes”


"I have followed Daniel’s career as an artist for more than 12 years and his works are in my personal collection. In his earlier years Daniel was heavily influenced by Picasso’s cubism and the surrealism of Dali. Since then, his work has evolved significantly both in concept and technique, displaying his mastery in conveying the interaction between motion, form and energy. His works on canvas have been well received by my colleagues, who collect his work. His quest for technical perfection is visible in his current mixed media works in which he lets the viewer ponder the perceived and real three-dimensionality of the painted, sculpted canvas. Knowing Daniel personally, it will be a real pleasure following his work in the years to come – in all likelihood, en route to achieving artistic greatness."

Mahinder Tak - Art collector, curator and lecturer, Washington DC, USA




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