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Mixed Media   Installations   Oil  
Sculpted Canvas Movements David Series Liquid Colour Form Series
Chromed Sculpted Canvas

The Dream Continued
[IN PROGRESS] 2017-2018

Nature Series
Color Diffusion Series

Color Panel Series

Spanish Horn Series
Color Splash Series     Nike (Winged Victory) Series
2D/3D Narratives Series     Fragmentation Series
Earlier Works        



"Daniel Anderson is a highly focused and talented artist whose liquid use of contrasting
colors on a 3-dimensional surface produces provocative and arresting results."

Jim Ridlon - Art Professor at Syracuse University, visual artist, Syracuse, New York, USA

“It has been my pleasure to know Dan since he first came to my art studio for instruction. Within a short time I realized the creativity,originality and determination he displayed. Over a period of eight years I saw his tremendous progress. Within a year I witnessed him winning national accolades at the age of eleven.  I am proud to see Dan develop into a truly original artist. I think he has the makings of greatness. Time will prove that I am right!”                                                               

Nina Lalin, Artist & Mentor


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