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Mixed Media   Installations   Oil  
Sculpted Canvas Movements David Series Liquid Colour Form Series
Chromed Sculpted Canvas

The Dream Continued - in progress 2017-2018

Nature Series
Color Diffusion Series

Color Panel Series (hyper minimalism) - in progress 2018

Spanish Horn Series
Color Splash Series     Nike (Winged Victory) Series
2D/3D Narratives Series     Fragmentation Series
Earlier Works        



"Daniel Anderson is a highly focused and talented artist whose liquid use of contrasting
colors on a 3-dimensional surface produces provocative and arresting results."

Jim Ridlon - Professor of art at Syracuse University, visual artist, Syracuse, New York, USA

“It has been my pleasure to know Dan since he first came to my art studio for instruction. Within a short time I realized the creativity,originality and determination he displayed. Over a period of eight years I saw his tremendous progress. Within a year I witnessed him winning national accolades at the age of eleven.  I am proud to see Dan develop into a truly original artist. I think he has the makings of greatness. Time will prove that I am right!”                                                               

NINA LALIN, Artist & Childhood mentor;


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